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Below you will find 4 buttons with links to the concerts of our present musical director, Peter Brown and all of the concerts we have on record for the 3 previous directors. 

On this main page only the most recent concerts which the choir has given in the past couple of years will be shown to give you a flavour of our repertoire.

November 18th 2023

ADCS celebrated its 90th Anniversary with a wonderful evening of music in St Paul’s. It really was a special concert, opening with ‘Zadok the Priest’ and closing with Vivaldi’s joyous ‘Gloria’. The variety of the movements within the ‘Patchwork Mass’ blended beautifully and the choir gave controlled dynamic contrasts and some glorious moments. 

Thank you to our soloists: Frances Buckingham, Sue Baines-MacNeill, Veronica Gilbert and Vicky Johnson; Alan Gidney for his expert and delightful organ playing and of course the multi-talented Peter Brown.

The performance of the Messiah was something special. The 4 young soloists were stunning and the chamber orchestra was brilliant. ADCS rose to the challenge, too. Although the choruses were spritely, there was always control and the performance flowed. Diction was very good and we were able to give a blend of dynamic contrasts.  Thank you to Alan Gidney whose confident chamber organ playing underpinned it all and to our gifted music director Peter Brown. 

December 17th, 2022

The large audience thoroughly enjoyed Britten’s masterpiece ‘A Ceremony of Carols’ and loved the beautiful harp playing by Janet Bennett. Thank you to Vicky for her solo and her lovely duet with Frances.

The second half of the concert was a mixture of carols, some traditional. We performed ‘Christmas Eve’, a world premiere of Peter Brown’s amazing new carol with words by Christina Rosetti. Thank you to our md Peter and our brilliant organist Alan and all who helped prepare and serve the delicious refreshments. Happy Christmas!

Nov. 12th, 2022

We honour the Armed Forces of today and those who served to protect our fundamental rights and freedoms. The audience enjoyed the quality of the music. The highlights were Peter Brown’s outstanding work ‘For the Fallen’ and Vierne’s ‘Messe Solennelle’.

Thank you to our soloists: Vicky, Peter and Paul; Alan Gidney for his wonderful organ playing and the inspirational Peter Brown.

We look to the past & weep, we look to the past & give thanks. We look to the present & weep, we look to the present & give thanks.

June 18th, 2022

Our second ‘Come and Sing’ began with Rutter’s ‘A Ukrainian Prayer, this heartfelt piece was warmly received by native speakers in the audience. Fauré’s ‘Cantique de Jean Racine’ was followed by his ‘Requiem’ which is full of beauty and lightness of touch. The choir responded well to the dynamics of the piece and Vicky Johnson and Paul Newman sang beautifully. Thank you to our gifted md, Pete and our excellent organist, Alan. The final movement ‘In Paradisum’ was simply delightful with its playful, dancing melody preparing us for a peaceful & happy end. Enjoy the Summer break!

Royal symbols of office: crown, orb and both sceptres.

April 2nd, 2022

Saturday night’s concert could rightly be called a Royal Concert. The audience was taken on a journey through time with a wonderful selection of music which has been performed at one or more royal occasions.

Many beautiful pieces, an organ interlude and a jubilant finish.

Thank you to Peter, Alan and all the rest of the choir!

December 12th, 2021

Following best covid-safe guidance there was much less socialising after the performance, but everyone enjoyed the lovely music and the shared celebration of Advent.

The sound was really good; Vicky and Peter gave lovely solos. Thank you, Alan for German’s delightful ‘A Festive Trumpet Tune’ it was so joyous and uplifting. Thank you also to Peter for bringing the concert together.

We hope you have a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

November 13th,  2021

After lockdown and restrictions, it was amazing to sing in St Paul’s again. Peter Brown’s “In Flanders Fields” is so beautiful and undoubtedly deserves a much wider audience.

Veronica Gilbert gave a glorious performance of the tenor solo in the Puccini; in fact, each of the voices had moments of beauty, but for me, the bass line stepped up the most.

Thank you to the excellent Alan Gidney and inspirational Peter Brown. Our 2021 Remembrance concert was moving and allowed us to remember the service and sacrifice of so many.

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