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We will start rehearsals again in September. The concert dates and programme are yet to be finalised but full information will be posted as soon as possible. It is going to be fun and exciting, though! 

Wed. 06 09 23         Term begins 7:00pm Finish 9:00pm

Sun. 24 09 23         ‘Big Sing’ in Alnwick Market Place, in                                    aid of Alzheimer’s Society.

Wed. 11th Oct         7:00pm AGM followed by rehearsal

Wed. 01 11 23          Half-Term Holiday

Sat. 18th Nov. 23     Anniversary Concert. A selection of movements from pieces we’ve sung in the past, followed by Vivaldi’s Gloria

Fri. 24th Nov.           Anniversary Dinner

Dec.  Dates and times of Christmas rehearsals in St Paul’s to be confirmed    

Sun. 17th Dec 23    Christmas Concert in St Paul’s at 3:00pm – music to be confirmed

Wed. 10 01 24         Term Begins

Wed. 21 02 24         Half-Term Holiday

Sat. 16 03 24          Spring Concert – Cherubini’s Requiem and some of Beethoven’s Mass in C 

Easter Holiday       27th March + 3rd & 10th April     

Wed. 17 04 24        Term Begins

Wed. 29 05 24       Half-Term Holiday

End of Term           [tbc]

Covid-safe return to rehearsals

A comprehensive risk assessment has been carried out by the committee to enable Alnwick and District Choral Society to return to rehearsals. By following covid-safe best practice we hope to minimise the risk of contracting covid. Please open the pdf to the right to reassure yourself that we take the pandemic very seriously and are taking all steps necessary to keep you safe.

Committee Members

Chair: Karen Carlson

Vice Chair: Paul Newman

Secretary: Jolanda Cartwright

Treasurer: Claire MacKarill

Librarian: Joyce Clayton

Social Secretary: Sheila Duncan

Programmes, Posters & Publicity Rep: Paul Newman

Sop. Line Rep: Felicity Edmunds

Sop. Line Rep: Vicky Johnson

Alto Line Rep: Cindi Pexton-Shaw

Bass Line Rep: Colin Lesser

Tenor Rep & Website: Ian C Brown

Friends’ Secretary: Debbie Howey

Data Protection Officer: Joyce Clayton

Contact Info:

If choir members would like to contact their line rep, please make use of the dedicated link below. We will try to respond as soon as possible. Thank you for getting in touch!

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Brinkburn Summer Social - 18 06 23

The Programme:

Message from the Committee:

Reflecting on a very enjoyable day at Brinkburn it struck us that we’ve had a wonderful year singing together. We hope you agree. Our particular highlights were Britten’s Ceremony of Carols, Handel’s Messiah and then capping it off with a fun and enjoyable day on Sunday. We’re sure you’ll have your own.

It was wonderful to see so many members participating in singing this term, despite it being the holiday season for many, and then for so many of you to join us at Brinkburn. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

We’d like to wish you all a wonderful holiday and we look forward to us all back together singing again in September

Relaxing with friends and family

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Spring Concert - 01 04 23

The Concert Programme:

Please click on the programme for a better view

G. F. Handel: Messiah

Conductor: Peter Brown; Organist: Alan Gidney

Claire Boulter: Soprano
Sam Marston: Tenor

Beth Mackay: Alto
Patrick Owston: Bass

Handel’s ‘Messiah’ is one of the best loved pieces of sacred music sung in English. Our record audience closely followed the thrilling music, some sang along and many stood for the ‘Hallelujah’ chorus and gave a standing ovation. The night was something special.

Choirs mostly sing ‘Messiah’ at the start of Advent as it is culturally connected with the celebration of Jesus’ birth. The inspirational oratorio covers the birth, life, passion and resurrection of Jesus; we sang it the day before Palm Sunday and the result was an emotional experience for everyone involved.

It is hard for visiting soloists [we had 3 new ones], who arrive not knowing the other soloists, professional musicians, nor the choir. At rehearsal we knew we were in for a treat when Sam Marston started to sing his first tenor recitative and aria ‘Comfort ye’ & ‘Every valley’. You could sense it, a desire to deliver their very best performance and throughout, a shared joy of singing with such stunning, young soloists. The musicians were also brilliant and ADCS rose to the challenge, too. We were delighted when the soloists sang the ‘Hallelujah’ chorus and ‘Worthy is the lamb that was slain’, closing the performance with the ‘Amen’.

Peter was very pleased with the clarity of the choir’s singing and people commented on the diction and blend of dynamic contrasts. Although the choruses were quite spritely, there was always control and the performance flowed; the music had an unusual dramatic force.

My personal favourites: the tenor, Sam Marston’s first pieces which set the amazing standard; the graceful poise of Claire Boulter’s soprano ‘I know that my Redeemer liveth’ & her beautiful duet with Beth Mackay ‘He shall feed his flock like a shepherd’; Beth Mackay’s marvellously theatrical alto aria ‘He was despised and rejected’ and Patrick Owston’s bass aria ‘The trumpet shall sound’ with the exceptional trumpet accompaniment.

Thank you to Alan Gidney whose confident chamber organ playing underpinned it all and to our gifted music director Peter Brown.

This was my first ‘Messiah’. It was a pleasure to take part in such a wonderful performance. Thank you to everyone.

Please click on image for a better view of the soloists

The Chamber Orchestra:


James Dickenson, Karen Wigham and Julia Boulton


Chrissie Slater


Ele Leckie


Dick Stacey

Chamber Organ:

Alan Gidney

Thank you to Jean Sawyer who organised the varied display of old copies of ‘Messiah’, one was dated 1847 but each one had its own story to tell. They created great interest before and after the performance.

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Christmas Concert - 17 12 22

The Concert Programme:

Poster. Piano on left and Christmas tree lights blurred on right.

The Concert Programme:

Please click on image for a better view

Christmas Concert

Conductor: Peter Brown; Organist: Alan Gidney

'A Ceremony of Carols'

Harpist: Janet Bennett

The performance in St Paul’s energised the choir. Many in the audience took time to tell choir members how much they’d enjoyed the concert; it was lovely to chat and catch up over mince pies, Stollen and drinks. Thank you to everyone who helped prepare and serve the refreshments.

We began with Britten’s popular masterpiece for choir and harp ‘A Ceremony of Carols’. The choir was blessed to have Janet Bennett; her outstanding playing carried the whole work, always evocative, from sensitive and dynamic warm melodies to shiveringly cold discord! The carol texts are an eclectic mix: Latin, Middle English and Early Modern English. Phrases and moods are sung and passed on – Britten’s music is mournful and joyous, leaving a lasting impression.

The sopranos set the atmosphere and a high expectation of us. The church suddenly is in complete darkness, the congregation rapt in anticipation, then the plainchant rings out as they slowly walk down the aisle, the volume swells and fades as they approach and pass.  We are confident that the concert will go well. This festive ‘ceremony’, so called because of the ‘Procession’ and ‘Recession’, will be a great start to Christmas!

Britten’s piece was written for SSA and you still feel the strength of the music, even in this mixed SATB mixed choir version, lies in the interplay between the harp and the two female voices. The soprano and alto singing throughout was delightful and I particularly enjoyed ‘That Yongë Child‘ and the beautiful duet ‘Spring Carol’. Thank you to our soloists Vicky and Frances.  Overall, a stunning concert; we delivered in the tricky movement and managed to articulate well and moderate sound to connect with Britten’s texts.

The second half of the concert was a mixture of carols, some traditional, sung with good audience participation. We performed ‘Christmas Eve’, a world premiere of this new carol by Peter Brown who set music to words by Christina Rosetti. What a wonderful new piece! Thank you to Alan Gidney for his perfect organ accompaniment and to Janet Bennett who also gave 3 harp solos. She is such a fabulous harpist.

As the last echoes of the concert give way to lively conversation and laughter in church, we might remember the gift of the baby Jesus and reflect on the perfection of God and the imperfection of humans. “For Christmas bringeth Jesus,  brought for us so low.” 

"Christmas Eve" words: Christina Rosetti, music: Peter Brown

Please click on the player below to hear a recording of this lovely new carol.


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In Remembrance - 12 11 22

Remembrance Poster. Dark green rowan with bright red berries

The Concert Programme:

Please click on image for a better view

In Remembrance

Conductor: Peter Brown; Organist: Alan Gidney

A Remembrance concert to honour the Armed Forces of today and those who served to protect our fundamental rights and freedoms. We look to the past and weep, we look to the past and give thanks.

With 3 pieces sung in German, we perhaps remembered everyone caught up in the tragedy of war, which is healing. My Uncle Stan, who died aged 22 in 1943, is buried in Catania, Sicily. He was killed by a sniper, when he stood to salute an officer.

The audience enjoyed the range, balance and quality of the music. For many the highlights were ‘For the Fallen’ and the ‘Messe Solennelle’. We opened with Peter Brown’s outstanding work – it’s a pity we didn’t record it so that his composition might be more widely known! Our clear diction helped express the compelling pathos of the poem, and we managed the contrasting moods and dynamics well. The second work was Rutter’s ‘A Ukrainian Prayer’ a striking, emotional lament highlighting a modern global tragedy: we look to the present and weep, we look to the present and give thanks.

In the shorter pieces, both bass and tenors made errors hitting the right note and tempo but recovered by watching Peter. Our performance, I think, would have benefitted from a Friday night rehearsal. Although the tenors sang a number of sections beautifully, for me the sopranos held the music together all evening and sang throughout with a bright confidence.

Thank you to our soloists from within the choir: Vicky Johnson, Peter Biggers and Paul Newman. Alan Gidney chose the wonderful organ mass by Louis Vierne. The Kyrie opens with a deafening thunder of sound and the full piece has great impact; a splendid choice to showcase his expertise. Thank you, too for a charming, reflective organ interlude by Widor. Our personal appreciation and thanks lastly to our md, Peter for his skills and love of music.

With a huge debt of gratitude, we remembered: ‘When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
                                                                                  For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today.’

Come and Sing - St Paul's Church, June 18th '22

The Concert Programme:

Please click on image for a better view

Come and Sing 2022

Conductor: Peter Brown; Organist: Alan Gidney

What a joy it was to take part in the ‘Come and Sing’ on June 18th. Twenty-six guest singers added to the quality of each section and produced something quite special. Thank you for rehearsing with us and the evening performance, if you are able to, please join ADCS permanently next year!

Saturday’s concert began with Rutter’s ‘A Ukrainian Prayer’. This heartfelt piece has been sung and recorded by choirs the world over to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine and their continued suffering. It was very warmly received by native speakers in the audience.

The ‘Cantique de Jean Racine’ followed. This packs an emotional punch for its short 5 minutes and was written by the 20-year-old Fauré. We were able to give some depth to this rich composition and could enjoy the phrases passed between the voices, particularly the dominant bass ‘qui la conduit’.

Fauré’s ‘Requiem’ is a lovely piece, full of beauty and lightness of touch, with its rise and fall of expressive sound. The choir responded well to Peter’s gestures to accent phrases and follow dynamics; we almost made it to ‘whisper’ but managed to create explosive crescendos!

Thank you to Alan Gidney for his excellent organ playing and our md, the wonderfully gifted Peter Brown. It is impressive that we can draw on the choir for the solo parts. Vicky Johnson’s ‘Pie Jesu’ was clear and pure and the feeling evoked was quite moving. ‘Libera Me’ showcased the skill of our baritone Paul Newman who sang beautifully and with confidence.

I enjoyed all the movements but my favourite was ‘In Paradisum’ with its playful, dancing gentleness of the organ and delightful soprano line. It aways makes me happy and want to smile as it prepares the singer and us all for a peaceful end – a happy deliverance and prospect of joy shared with the angels above.

Photos by Charles Cartwright

** We are very pleased to announce that the confirmed figure for donations to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal was an amazing £353.35. Congratulations to everyone. Thank you for your support! **

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Music For Royal Occasions - 02 04 22

Poster invitation showing celebratory fireworks and crown of the moon's phases
Poster with list of composers, showing sculpture of royal coat of arms with unicorn, lion and central crowned shield

The Concert Programme:

Please click on image for a better view

Music For Royal Occasions

Conductor: Peter Brown; Organist: Alan Gidney

View of choir and Peter during concert

Saturday night’s concert could rightly be called a Royal Concert.  The audience was taken on a journey through time with a wonderful selection of music which has been performed at one or more royal occasions.  The concert got off to a rousing start with the classic ‘Zadok the Priest,’ which was followed by a magically gentle rendition of ‘If ye love me’ by Thomas Tallis. This mix of uplifting and restful music continued throughout the evening.  

View of choir and Peter during concert

The organ interlude followed the same pattern, starting with a quiet piece followed by the exultant ‘Crown Imperial,’ using the multiple registrations of the organ to great effect.  “I was looking for the trumpet players,” someone in the audience was heard to say. 

Peter in full flow during the concert
Organist Alan Gidney and wife at organ

Other highlights were the recent compositions ‘I love all beauteous things’ by Judith Weir and ‘The Call of Wisdom’ by Will Todd. The concert was brought to a jubilant finish with Parry’s ‘I was glad.’

Before the concert; 2 pay desks with programmes
Choir members chatting after concert

It had been a challenging term due to storms and Covid which caused interruptions of rehearsals and unfortunately a high absence rate at the concert, but we still managed to deliver an uplifting concert of classics and less well-known music. Thank you to Peter, Alan and all the rest of the choir!

Photos and Review by Charles and Jolanda Cartwright

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Carols for Christmas - 12 12 21

The Concert Programme:

A Celebration of Christmas:

Conductor: Peter Brown; Organist: Alan Gidney

We were once again in St Paul’s singing carols but it was a very different concert….. What a strange year it continues to be despite most restrictions having been lifted. Following best covid-safe guidance we decided not to have the usual treats to eat or drink and so there was much less socialising after the performance, but everyone enjoyed the lovely music and the shared celebration of Advent.

Carol Concert 2021. View of choir and scaffold

Our Christmas Carol Concert featured a diverse programme of carols some much loved and well-known. The sound was really good and a good advert for anyone wishing to join the choir. Thank you for the lovely solos, Vicky and Peter.

I would like to thank Alan Gidney for providing all the music and so making the concert possible and in particular for German’s delightful ‘A Festive Trumpet Tune’ which was so joyous and uplifting. Thank you to our musical director, Peter Brown for bringing it all together and releasing tension by intermittently playing Sooty-like with a bundle of festive tinsel!

Carol Concert 2021. View of choir and Peter facing guests

Thank you for joining in and making the concert so enjoyable. We hope you have a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

2021 'In Remembrance'

Conductor: Peter Brown; Organist: Alan Gidney

After such a long time, after lockdown and restrictions it was amazing to sing in St Paul’s again. Remembrance is always a poignant time and this concert made our return to live performances really special. Despite numbers being down due to illness, the sound of the choir was well-balanced and conveyed the emotion within the lyrics well.

As St Paul’s is undergoing roof repairs, the choir and sanctuary are blocked off; seating followed covid-safe guidelines and the reduced space meant that most of the choir were in the aisles and the audience were also widely spaced out. With a dramatic poppy display in front of floor to ceiling plastic sheeting, not quite hiding the scaffolding, the atmosphere created within the church almost suggested it had survived being hit by bombs and was being renovated.

For the first half of the performance, Peter Brown’s two short Remembrance pieces sandwiched the Jenkins’ “Motets”. Opening with “In Flanders Fields”, the best we’ve ever sung it, set the musical tone for the evening. This powerful piece is so beautiful and undoubtedly deserves a much wider audience. Jenkins’ work is popular and has a lasting acoustic impact – layered repeated phrases weave their musical poetry but can be demanding on the vocal cords. Puccini’s “Messa di Gloria” completed the concert – what a delightful, early work.

Veronica Gilbert gave a glorious performance of the tenor solo in the Puccini; in fact, each of the voices had moments of beauty, but for me, the bass line stepped up the most, particularly the majestic and stirring “Qui tollis peccata mundi”.

Thank you to Alan Gidney for his excellent organ playing; his musicality and articulation always evoke strong emotional responses, and a huge thank you to the inspirational Peter Brown!

Our 2021 Remembrance concert was a solemn, moving occasion and allowed us, and all the other choirs this year to remember and not ‘break faith’ with the millions who kept us safe through their service and sacrifice.

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Remembrance Concert - 13 11 21

The Concert Programme:

Please click on image for a better view

Flowers and thank yous but no goodbyes!

During the AGM this Wednesday the choir presented two members of the committee with beautiful flowers and said a huge thank you for their work and support. Alison, who has been Chair for over 25 years, has stood down but has agreed to act as Vice Chair in the short term. In recognition of her long service and continued support for ADCS, Alison has been invited to be the president of the Society, an honorary role created especially for her! Gillie, who has been our Secretary for 5 years & done an amazing job has also stood down and Jolanda has now agreed to take on this role. We are thrilled that our good friends, Alison and Gillie are staying in the choir and wish them many more happy years of singing.                                                                       [October 13th 2021]

David presenting bouquet of flowers and balloons to Alison
Conrad presenting Gillie with bouquet of flowers

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